What to get your girl for Christmas

Guys. Christmas is coming. The feeling of “holy crap, what am I gonna get my lady this year” panic washes over you. Never fear, we’ve got some ideas. First off, this blog edition is written by a lady, to give you some insight into our brains. Disclaimer: I can’t speak for all women, but it might give you some ideas of what to get her. 

For the non smoker:

First off, it’s winter. It’s cold, and your girl has amazing knee high boots she wants to wear everyday. We’ve got socks for those boots in bright, fun colors with our favorite plant on them. They’re freakin cute, and if she likes fun socks, she’ll like these. 

The cold air of winter is going to make her need to take care of her skin, as it gets really dry out. WARNING: STAY AWAY FROM FACE OR HAIR PRODUCTS! Unless she hands you a list of very specific brands, scents, and oils, beware. Women are VERY picky about their grooming. Highlight: we love BODY products! Things you cannot go wrong with: Body scrubs, and body lotions. Some fav’s of the shop are the Hempz sugar scrubs (we have them in 3 different scents), and the Hempz body lotions (two different scents). They smell amazing, AND they actually work on all skin types. So you’re safe there. 

Ok. So what girl doesn’t love jewelry? And Jewelry with a backstory is even better! Have a peak at our Buddha Beads selection (bracelets). There’s some with charms, some without. Some with multiple colors, and some all black. A portion of all Buddha bead sales go to charity, and they’re all locally made by hand. We also carry some really amazing hand blown glass pendants- my favorites are the turtle, the multi-color honeycomb, and the snail. Too freakin cute, and all handmade by local glass blowers (support local!). 

For the smoker:

This is kind of the same as for the dudes. Does she already have a collection? Is there a theme? Does she use pipes or bongs, or is she a dab diva? Has she been talking about starting vaping? Hint: If she talks about it more than twice, you’re probably safe to buy her a vaporizer and she’ll be super happy and amazed that you were listening. 

When in doubt, send her in to fill out one of our gift registry cards. We’ll keep it file, and help you out when you come in = brainless, easy shopping. AND! We even giftwrap. Because women love to open pretty gifts with massive bows, and you wrap your presents like a giant ugly bonbon (just $5).



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