What to buy for the man in your life, for Christmas.

What to buy for the man in your life, for Christmas.
      Men can be tricky to buy gifts for. Most often we give the “it doesn’t matter” or “i don’t need anything” when loved ones or friends ask us what we want. We provide little to no help. Fear not friends, I am here to save the day! Or, at least for the cannabis enthusiast in your life. I hope with this blog and the addition of our in store Christmas gift registry, we can take care of the tedious task of guessing when you shop. 
EASY! There are two ways to nail it down. First, our Christmas registry! Have him come in, have a look around and pick what he likes. We will take note of it, and keep his requests on file. You then come in, we hand you the card, and BOOM. You get him exactly what he wants. The second option is to see what he already has. Is this his first piece? Addition to a collection? Does his collection have a theme, or some pattern. Have a moment and just see what he already has and it will make buying what he wants much easier. 
This principal also goes for any accessories he needs. Has he been using scissors to cut up his stuff? If so its high time he gets a grinder. Do you find he coughs a lot when smoking out of glass or pipes? Maybe he needs a less harsh delivery method. A vaporizer is a great way to get a smoother draw. 
    "But Dan, my man doesn’t smoke, is there anything in your store for him?”
OF COURSE! We carry a ton of well made hemp based goods to make any man smile on Christmas morning. There is a chance he currently has a beard, or at least a mustache as it is Movember. Odds are, that duster or beard will stay put long past the month being over. Beards can get wiry, smelly and gross. If this sounds like your man, then Mammoth beard Co's hemp based beard oils, beard balms, and beard soaps will make his beard softer, more supple, and smell WAY better than dirty old sock. It is our pleasure to help both of you through this transition from boy to man.
    Any good BC boy loves the outdoors. Hemp clothing is warm, keeps out the moisture, and has great UV protection. Our hoodies and jogging pants are comfy, and practical. It will keep him warm while he works, hikes, or takes you on a walk on a winter BC day. 
Lastly, it is almost criminal for a man to buy his own wallet (true story, see bylaw 4283 of Section 4.2 of B.C's legal code). This is an item that should be gifted by someone who loves him. A wallet is with a man at all times and is his security device and trusty friend. We men usually hold on to a single wallet until it has fallen apart, so it should be of top quality to start with so it lasts. Our hemp wallets are of the highest quality and will last forever. 
    I hope this blog helped a little in making your Christmas decisions easier. The next blog will detail what to get your lady for Christmas, from a lady's point of view (will be posted soon!). If you have any more questions please email (thehempquarters@gmail.com) Call, (604 345 6743) or come on in (15380 102a ave surrey, BC) and I'd be happy to help. Our website is also a great way to prep your shopping list with out having to come in.
Happy Holidays!

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