Mission: The Hempquarters Part 5

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Mission: The Hempquarters Part 5
     We had our keys, we had power, water, heat, internet, security…we had it all.. Now what? Eek! This was very uncharted territory for both of us. We set an open date, June 6th was our “tentative” grand opening. It was the home stretch, the fun part. 
    I had quit my job on May 19th and came directly to the shop to begin the hard work. I stood in the empty shop staring at stickers left behind from the old tenants. I was standing in an empty store, but the past echoed loudly. If I didn’t want to follow the same fate I would have to work harder than the people who were here last. Do more, gain more, grow more. It was humbling. I went in the back, took my work uniform off one last time and hung the shirt and hat on the wall as a reminder that I never want to go back. I look at that shirt every single day, it motivates the hell out of me. 
    I really didn’t know where to start, so I swept… I swept for an hour knowing full well with all the work we needed to do the floor would be filthy in no time. After I wasted that hour I moved into taking off the giant stickers and filling the million holes that were in the walls. Hole filling believe it or not took over a day! There were hundreds. All that little mundane stuff was done and it was time to get town to brass tax.
   I have the BEST family and friends on planet earth. This whole thing would not be possible without them. I had more friends and family offering to help then I had work . My in-laws helped, and by helped I mean they did the majority of the painting which was NOT an easy or quick job. They also did deep cleaning, stock, pricing, etc etc etc… long story short, they were essential to the program. One of my main goals, starting this store was to help my friends succeed while I built my business. My good friend Garrett did my branding. (greslerphotography@gmail.com). My friend Nolan helped me with all the baseboards and woodworking (Simply renovations in Coquiltam). I had friends make me display tables, art and more. They truly are the best. Again, I would not be here doing this without my friends and family. 
    During the day I was at the shop prepping the store, at night I was home in front of a computer ordering! This was what I was looking forward to, ordering thousands of dollars of fun things! It was a little harder than I thought to get wholesale accounts set up but I managed fine. It was a little stressful doing the ordering as we had a very specific budget and a lot of stock to get. I had to make sure I got everything but didn’t over spend. It was a very tricky dance. It took about a week or more to get everything we needed to order for the store. Double, and triple checking. About a week later, slowly packages started arriving. One by one my living room was filling with boxes. We got it all unpacked, organized, priced, and entered into our inventory system again thanks to my family. That was the single most tedious task. Entering the initial stock. Boy was that a bore.
   We got all the stock to the shop, set up our display cases and stands. Stocked all the displays, hung all the art, cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. All the utilities were in, everything was tested, and was working, the store was bright, clean, and exactly how I imagined it. In about 12 hours we would be open for business. 
I’ll wrap this up on the next blog.

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